What’s EventDAO Wait-List?_

2 min readFeb 7, 2022

Hey folks! News about Wait List You’ve been waiting for is here!

We wanted to include our community and hear from them while building together. To achieve this, we are proud to announce our waitlist program.

Why did we open a Wait List and what we aim?_

Being a DAO means caring about what others think and can do; we want to test and tell your opinions about our dashboard.

As development is our nature, we value the experience you will have with us and your thoughts; for this reason, we want you to value your own experience as much as we do. With this big step, We invite you to our development period.

This waitlist will select users to test our project’s inner mechanics.

Those Testers will have early access to the dashboard’s profile&governance sections, will vote for changes such as UI, fonts, interactions, etc., and give feedback to the team about how we can improve it, but it doesn’t end here:

After goals are achieved, our testers will be able to use the Beta version of our marketplace for tickets and NFTs, which will be the first of its kind; the community will be developing the project with us continuously, and of course, early adopters and testers of our project will get rewards, exclusive offer, and airdrops for future events and partnerships!

For example, We will randomly choose 500 people from our wait-list and add them to Whitelist 1 week before the mint!

So how do we select Wait-List users?

For this, we have prepared a Wait-List Page with our software team. As of February 8 @ 18 UTC, you will be able to access the Wait-List by clicking the “Wait-List?_” button on the EventDAO Landing Page.

Once you’re on the Wait-List, all you have to do is wait for our Dashboard beta to be released. Remember, EventDAO Dashboard Beta will only be available to Wait-List Users. Therefore, it is very important to us. Of course, after the Beta Tests, when the entire Dashboard is released, it will be available to everyone.

We love working with you. Since we opened our idea channels in Discord, and since then, many of you have helped us a lot with their ideas and solutions, EventDAO_ gets bigger every day with the help of our community!

Together, EventDAO_ can change the future.

Keep following us for more!


EventDAO_ Team…




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