What’s EventDAO Roadmap?_

2 min readJan 10, 2022


In this article, we’ll tell you everything about EventDAO Roadmap. We are very excited about everything and we will share it with you in this article.

First of all, make sure you read our “What’s EventDAO?_” Article before reading our Roadmap Article.


Phase 1

-All social media accounts of EventDAO Launched.
-EventDAO Whitepaper and Manifesto published on Medium.
-EventDAO Landing Website Launched.
-EventDAO Let’s Have a Fun Stamps Event — 28K people attended in just 1 week.
-EventDAO Quest Event — participation of a total of 800 people.
-EventDAO NFT Contract has been written with the Developer Team.
-EventDAO NFTs were created with the 3D Designer team.

Phase 2

-Special deals with Alpha Groups and some WLs to their Community.
-EventDAO Wait-List Page Launch.
-EventDAO Stamps Airdrop — 41K people who joined the WaitList
-Agreements with artists to include artists on EventDAO Artists.
-Online Event with agreed Artists.
-First AMA held.

Phase 3

-New names to join Event DAO Team
-Get started Marketing with Influencers, projects and Artists.
-EventDAO Token’s SEED and Private Sale Round will be launched.
-The EventDAO NFT Mint Date will be announced and Mint will be launched on the announced date.

Phase 4

  • Adding new artists to EventDAO Artists.
    -EventDAO Dashboard Launch
    -Publication of the Online Event calendar exclusively for EventDAO NFT Holders
    -Governance voting begins on the EventDAO Dashboard for the first major IRL Event.
    -Land acquisition in Sandbox and Decentraland for possible
    -Metaverse online Events planned.
    -EventDAO Token Airdrop
    -EventDAO Token Launch with Public IDO.
    -Avatar and items Airdrop to EventDAO NFT Holders — as the first step for the virtual world.




EventDAO brings the world’s largest events, concerts into a decentralized and distributes event profits to the Community. Website: eventdao.io