What’s EventDAO Roadmap?_

1 min readJan 10, 2022


In this article, we’ll tell you about our roadmap.

First of all, make sure you read our “What’s EventDAO?_” Article before reading our Roadmap Article.


Phase 1

-All social media accounts of EventDAO Launched.
-EventDAO Whitepaper and Manifesto published on Medium.
-EventDAO Landing Website Launched.
-EventDAO Let’s Have a Fun Stamps Event — 28K people attended in just 1 week.
-EventDAO Quest Event — participation of a total of 800 people.
-EventDAO NFT Contract has been written with the Developer Team.
-EventDAO NFTs were created with the 3D Designer team.

Phase 2

-Special deals with Alpha Groups and some WLs to their Community.
-EventDAO Wait-List Page Launch.
-EventDAO Stamps Airdrop — 41K people who joined the WaitList
-Agreements with artists to include artists on EventDAO Artists.
-Online Event with agreed Artists.
-First AMA held.

Phase 3

-Team expansion
-Partnerships with various actors from event and tech industries
-EventDAO MVP 0.1 Launch
- More than 10 Online & IRL events to be held
-MVP Dashboard 0.2 Launch
- More than 2000 attendees to be reached

Phase 4

  • -Partnerships with new artists
    -EventDAO Dashboard Launch
    -Mobile app Beta launch
    -NFT Card launch
    -First event governance

To be continued.




EventDAO brings the world’s largest events, concerts into a decentralized and distributes event profits to the Community. Website: eventdao.io