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EventDAO brings the world’s largest events and concerts into a decentralized space and shares event profits with the community. Gives them the power to create and organize the events as a community and profit from it, even when it’s on the other side of the world. It gets funded by creating events, selling tickets, and creating partnership opportunities in the industry.

Sector Overview

NFTs have improved tremendously from the first establishment of “quantum” on the blockchain in 2014.

Investors now have access to the optimal confluence of cryptocurrencies, traditional assets, and digital ownership as a result of the market’s rapid expansion.

As of May 2022, over a million cryptocurrency users had acquired or sold NFTs, and the industry is expected to grow from USD 3 billion in 2022 to USD 13.6 billion by 2027.

Industry Market Size

DAOs are community-owned companies that do not have centralized leadership in place of typical corporate hierarchies. Despite their youth, they are gaining traction and will eventually complement Web3’s goal of delivering network value to users.

The DAOs are blockchain-powered, community-led, digitally native organizations in which members vote on their mission and goals.

A DAO utility can help Web3’s goal of democratizing the creator economy by fostering more direct and transparent partnerships between communities and specific projects, which will appeal to both crypto enthusiasts and natives.

DAOs are challenging traditional institutions with more adaptive and adjustable governance models as a result of technology than the universal rights granted to a large firm’s shareholders.

EventDAO Project

EventDAO is a “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” based on the ERC-20 protocol.

EventDAO was founded by a group of marketers and developers with prior experience in the Blockchain and Event industries. The founder team is guided by prominent actors in the industries and is backed up by cooperating organizations.

As the EventDAO team, our goal is to organize sustainable, profitable, and fun-guaranteed musical, cultural, and recreational events directed by our DAO members, without the need for any authority, such as profit-driven enterprises or overpriced PR firms.

We will develop, fund, advertise, and execute the events we create, as well as vote on them as a DAO, without depending on any individuals in the entertainment industry other than our partners.

EventDAO will not only provide you physical access to a world-famous artist’s backstage, but it will also allow you to design and organize that event as a community and profit from it, even if it is on the other side of the world.

What We Offer


EventDAO is a project that aims to bring innovation to the traditional event sector, but in order to do so, it must carry a larger vision.

The purpose of EventDAO is more than just being a DAO and organizing events; it takes on the weight of changing the industry by simply changing one thing, the way we have fun.

The procedure of signing performers, arranging logistics, and maintaining the quality of the fun, among other factors, are making the event industry difficult to stay in, and the majority of the audience is unaware of and unconcerned about what happens behind the stage, and there is no guilt in it. We, as EventDAO, think and care; this is why we exist.

EventDAO_ will not only organize events, but will also collaborate with local artists for side stages, assist unknown artists, and much more; we want our DAO to participate in this way and actively direct us, or learn about the backstage with us.

We will expand our community by teaching newcomers and artists about Web3, decentralization, and the power of DAOs. We will assist them in discovering their true worth because persons, not labels and logos, work for us behind the scenes.

Actions we take as a DAO can and should have an impact on the future. Our blockchain community arose from the concept of development and creativity. We share the desire to build a better future with all of our supporters around the world.




EventDAO is a fully formed concept that will work in a variety of settings and platforms. Online, IRL, as the event host, as the event attendee, as the sponsor, as the audience. Possibilities doesn’t end with Web3 applications, because the industry itself is innovative, we believe the areas EventDAO can cover will also grow with time.

We have established useful products within the EventDAO Ecosystem, such as $EVENT Token and EventDAO Cards or event organization and governance, STAMPS for user involvement and more awarding marketing, karma points to enhance the user experience, and so on, to maximize the area we can cover, create strong community inputs, and assure the flow of work mechanisms. In the next chapters, we will go over our items in depth.


The Event DAO dashboard consists of four primary panels and will serve as the main panel of EventDAO.

  1. Marketplace
  2. Event Auction
  3. Governance
  4. Profile


Dashboard Marketplace is where EventDAO’s own events and Event Auction winners can be found. Artist’s catalogs and other event types will also be in the Marketplace.

The EventDAO Marketplace is divided into several sections, to allow users to find the Events they are looking for with a single click.

The motions of users will be assessed by the Artificial Intelligence that will power Marketplace, and the most appropriate Events and Artists will be highlighted. We will be able to enhance user experience in this manner.

Event Auction

The $EVENT Token’s principal utility is the $EVENT Auction.

Individuals can use their $EVENT Token to propose events and vote on them. Stakers’ vote weights and proposal rights are proportional to their stake levels. Winning auctions will receive EventDAO benefits and will have their event listed on the Marketplace.


Staking $EVENT tokens and NFTs will grant access to the governance section. Stakers can participate in voting or offer proposals. DAO members will develop and vote on events, artists, locations, and even decoration and layout decisions in the event — a completely unique experience produced by the community.

This will be the most dynamic part because the DAO has the ability to change anything that the community votes on.


The goal of EventDAO is to be the epicenter of events in a decentralized ecosystem and create a gateway for centralized actors to gain the ability to exist on it.

We are establishing a social atmosphere on our Dashboard in response to this. The profile section will be your showcase, with a large number of tradable Event POAPs, STAMP collections, your NFT PFP, and reviews created with your Karma points. Your existence as a DAO member will be reflected in your profile.

Voting System

Because the audience is the primary subject in the industry, EventDAO wants to empower them to make decisions.

We are developing a DAO system that will empower their ideas and improve the overall user experience. DAO members will develop and vote on the event’s events, artists, locations, decoration, and layout decisions — a completely unique experience produced by the community. To that end, EventDAO provides two methods of voting.

EventDAO Governance

EventDAO Cards are the top tier of EventDAO Utilities.

They have voting rights to govern EventDAO’s own events as well as other DAO voting. Cards must be staked on the Governance to be able to vote, and their voting weights increase with time. EventDAO’s voting mechanism is based on three different variables for each of the three cards.

First, The HODL — The length of time you HODL your card affects the weight of your vote.

Second, the LISTING — If your card is not listed on any NFT Marketplace, the vote weight will be increased algorithmically.

Third, the Card itself — the CEO, and VIP Cards have a higher vote weight than the Pass Card, but a Pass Card held for 100 days will have more vote weight than a VP card held for only a week, ensuring that votes are balanced overall.

$EVENT Auction

The $EVENT Token’s principal utility is the $EVENT Auction. Individuals can use their $EVENT Token to propose events and vote on them. Stakers’ vote weights and proposal rights are proportional to their stake levels. Winning auctions will receive EventDAO benefits and will have their event listed on the Marketplace. With $EVENT, you will be able to vote in weekly auctions on the Event DAO Dashboard, allowing the community to choose the events for the following week.


There are three types of NFTs.

  1. Pass Card
  2. VIP Card
  3. Team Card

On our Governance Dashboard, the vote weight is affected even by the number of days you hold the NFT, and each has a separate vote weight.

At the same time, the proportion of each of their event earnings changes.

Event DAO NFT Cards

Pass Card

The Pass Card is EventDAO’s primary access card, with a supply of 6666.

The Pass Card entitles its holder to vote, a portion of earnings after each event, a free ticket to events if chosen by raffle, or a 40% discount on the ticket if not.

VIP Card

The VIP Card has a limited supply of 100 and is EventDAO’s highest-tier NFT.

Owners of VIP Cards have voting rights and a part of the revenues after each Event. They also receive a guaranteed ticket to every event.

Team Card

There is only 1 Team Card and that card belongs to the team. This card has the same voting rights as a VIP Card.

$EVENT Token

The $EVENT token will be used to fuel the events that will be held and sold on the EventDAO. $EVENT Token will be used for prize claims, $EVENT Auctions, and event ticket sales will be done with $EVENT token within our own Marketplace.

Event DAO Token ($EVENT) Distribution

$EVENT Token Distribution

$EVENT Token Economics

Staking $EVENT Token grants $EVENT Auction rights as well as utilities for investors that want to conduct their own events.

The DAO’s decisions will alter and change these utilities over time. Staking Tokens with a certain APR will allow investors to gain $EVENT, “Karma” points, Profile Roles, and other benefits on the EventDAO Dashboard.

With $EVENT, you will be able to vote in weekly auctions on the Event DAO Dashboard, allowing the community to choose the events for the following week. Investors can use the Artists catalog function provided by the Event DAO by staking $EVENT.

With all of these pre-planned changes, utilities are keen to improve and change over time, ensuring the DAO’s progress and creating better utilities for investors.

EventDAO Roadmap

Your earnings as an EventDAO member will not be limited to cash or access to events.
Being a part of a special global community will let you have exclusive experiences, and access to high-quality networks. The benefits of EventDAO are limited to your imagination.

I hope you are ready because we are.


EventDAO Team.




EventDAO brings the world’s largest events, concerts into a decentralized and distributes event profits to the Community. Website: eventdao.io