How to create a better event experience? — Another Manifesto

2 min readJul 19, 2023

Have you ever attended a conference, festival, or event and thought, “This could have been so much better if only they had done XYZ?”

At EventDAO, we are on a mission to transform the event industry, and empower communities to have a say in the events they attend. This mission, however, is not without its challenges.

Over the past ten months, we’ve assembled a community of progressive thinkers, people who believe in the power of collective imagination. We’ve had the joy of organizing remarkable online experiences, and we’re striving for more.

Still, we knew it wasn’t enough. We’ve diligently worked on developing features to make EventDAO the ultimate platform for event planners, artists and attendees. We’ve overhauled our interface, rethought our revenue models, and conceived a visionary roadmap to elevate EventDAO.

During this time, we’ve met brilliant minds full of ideas about the industry — attendees, organizers, and artists alike. We’ve heard their issues, their aspirations, and always wondered, “how can we make this better?”

The answer, unsurprisingly, was the NFTs. But the solution is more complex than simply saying it.

We consulted artists, whose fan interactions rarely went beyond casual waves during Instagram live broadcasts. So we created ways for them to engage with their fan bases via NFTs and loyalty programs.

We talked to organizers, In a sector where scalping is unresolvable, neither organizers nor participants are satisfied, hosting events is difficult, and profit margins are low, we sought a solution.

We wanted to use NFTs to control scalping and fraud, thereby facilitating a secure ticket buying and selling environment. This process would not only create secondary market opportunities but also provide participants with unique experiences pre and post-events.

But we didn’t stop there.

We merged collective imagination with event planning through a DAO system based on Ethereum to boost up the customer satisfaction and therefore, boost the profits.

But fear not, we’ve made EventDAO as user-friendly as possible and using the Dashboard requires only minimal blockchain knowledge. Because easier it better.

The rapid growth of our target market reinforces our dreams and plans, aiding us in taking bold, confident steps;

While we solve the issues of web2 by using web3, we also value collaboration with other projects within the same ecosystem, thereby creating an unprecedented synergy.

We believe that every experience, whether recorded on a chain or lived in person, has a story to tell.

EventDAO will create the opportunity to say it, louder than ever.





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