EventDAO Quest?_

3 min readMar 27, 2022

Let’s talk about EventDAO Quest_, how it went, and its insights!

We will also be announcing the EventDAO Quest winners that we’ve organized in this article. Let’s start!_

As you all know, we shared the EventDAO OS website with you five days ago and we had hidden 12 wallet words in this OS. We gave almost no clue as to what it might be or how to find the words. Nevertheless….

What was our goal when making EventDAO Quest?_

Our goal with this quest was to show our ways of community interaction; Experience is the keyword of DAOs for us; we value the time you spent with the community when searching for keywords and how you interacted with each other!

At the same time, we wanted to show you what kind of team we have and how we can design and build things in terms of technology. Remember we are EventDAO. And this is just the beginning.

What was the result of EventDAO Quest?_

In the first 6 hours, 8000 people attended this quest, and surprisingly, it took much less time than we imagined! The community worked hard for the sweet prize and showed us they were much more willing than we thought. The first ones to get all seed words won a VIP and 0.5 ETH, and the other 10 won Pass card spots! Such a sweet prize!

To find out if you won:


If you have one of the addresses in the link above, you will receive it as an Airdrop to one of the “EventDAO Quest?_” NFTs in the EventDAO Stamps collection within 24 Hours. And then you will be able to connect your wallet to EventDAO Discord and claim your VIP WL/Pass WL.

These quests and games will continue with different prizes, and all of them will grant winners another stamp, but what for?

What’s EventDAO Stamps?_

Every stamp you can collect is a souvenir, key, and certificate of your presence in EventDAO. A pure document of time and effort you spent with us. Collecting them will put you in a special place for us and will let you access more and more, over the time, such as VIP Experiences, merch drops, discounts, etc.

In short, EventDAO Stamps are certificates of EventDAO.

Being a part of the EventDAO community is a way to experience the future, and we are eager to prove it.

Since the day we began this adventure, our best friends have been the community, and we will do more for them.

Keep following us for more!


EventDAO_ Team…

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