EventDAO Manifesto?_

We are so excited; let us tell you why.


When we first came up with the idea of EventDAO_, it was just a dream of innovation to the tradition of the sector that we are in.

Today, it’s still a dream, but now it’s bigger than us, and it’s louder than ever.

EventDAO_ now carries a mission more than being a DAO; it takes the burden of altering the industry by simply changing one thing, the way we have fun.

Most of us don’t even think about how events are made, how an artist gets hired, who designs the stage, who pays the staff, and there’s no shame in it.

As EventDAO, we think and care; this is why we are here.

EventDAO started as a DAO to host events and make profit, but it’s more than that now; we have an opportunity to change.

Like we said when we first began, our motto was “Let’s have fun!” “ and we always said that wasn’t enough; we always wanted this idea to be bigger than us.

Seeing how we grow made us realize that we can’t limit ourselves with articles and roadmaps; we can be more than that; we want to be the first of our kind in both the crypto and entertainment industries, but how?_

How can we change the lives around us while doing the best thing we do, having fun?_

This is where our story and future begin.

EventDAO_ will not only host concerts, but it will also work with local musicians for side stages, support no-name artists, and much more; we also want our DAO to participate in this manners and guide us actively!

Your vision can guide us to create a better experience for everyone around us.

We will grow our community by teaching newcomers and artists how Web3 works, how decentralization helps, and how powerful DAOs can be. We will help them learn their real value because humans work for us behind the stage, not labels and logos.

We want our future to be free and equal. Our future shouldn’t have the problems of our time, such as censorship, fraud, and injustice; we are a project with humane beliefs, and we believe every action we take as a DAO can and should impact tomorrow’s world.

Our blockchain community emerged from the idea of innovation and progression. We trust that urge to create a better future with all of our supporters around the world.

This is EventDAO_

A new era for everyone who believes in it_




EventDAO brings the world’s largest events, concerts into a decentralized and distributes event profits to the Community. Website: eventdao.io

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EventDAO brings the world’s largest events, concerts into a decentralized and distributes event profits to the Community. Website: eventdao.io

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