EventDAO — Let’s Have a Fun POAP Event

2 min readJan 18, 2022

Hey folks! News about POAP You’ve been waiting for is here!

As it’s our way to do things, We’ll tell you about them a bit, what these things are, how they work, and why we need them.

What’s POAP?_

POAP means Proof Of Attendance Protocol, which means you were there when it happened! Like the old concert tickets or badges, these POAPs are meaningful to those who earn them.

But what is the difference between NFTs and POAP, and why do we want to give them?_

Because POAP has its own smart contract, data, and a whole different way of usage, it carries a legacy which makes it a way for projects to show their gratitude to those who earn them.

Now, why do we want to give POAPs to our followers, and what do they mean to us?_

Because we love you, and we want our early investors to have something that they can proudly show when they talk about us, but it doesn’t just end here;

We want our POAP holders to be chosen well because they will have a WL spot, rights for possible future airdrops, discounts, and maybe even free tickets.

They are also really cool. As seen below…

But how can you get them?_

As our POAPs are limited with a 1000 supply, we decided to split them in two;

The First 500 will be distributed with our Gleam Giveaway on 01/19/2022 and will be completely free. The other 500 is set aside for the winners of our DAO Test that will be held two weeks before the mint, In this test, we’ll ask questions about DAOs to you. If you answer all of them correctly, you will have a chance to attend the raffle. Those 500 lucky people will choose can mint their POAPs by free!

After all, POAPs are given. Those who have them will get a POAP owner badge in our Discord along with a WL spot and will be a part of the history that we will write together!

Keep following us for more!


EventDAO_ Team…




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